Tory Dismisses "Rubbish" Claims That Party Are In Chaos Over Manifesto

22 May 2017, 17:56

Tory Hits Back At “Rubbish” Party Manifesto Row Claims

Claims that Theresa May's manifesto row is unprecedented is a load of rubbish, says one senior Tory.


A senior Tory has branded claims that Theresa May’s apparent U-turn on social care is unprecedented as “a load of rubbish”.

Bernard Jenkin joined Iain Dale hours after the Prime Minister announced her proposed changes to social care funding will now include a cap on the amount people will have to pay.

Mrs May denies such action is a U-turn, despite no mention of the cap in last week’s manifesto launch.

Opposition parties have described the policy as “in meltdown”, but that suggestion has been rubbished by Mr Jenkin.

Speaking on LBC, he said: “Everyone is saying this is completely unprecedented, the manifesto row, never in general election history has anything happened like this - what a load of rubbish.”

Iain was quick to respond: “Well when has it?”

Mr Jenkin added: “In every general election there are arguments about policy, this is a very ambitious manifesto, that’s what is different about this election.”

“Ok, there are going to be some wrinkles in one or two of the policies as they are ironed out and of course the opposition are going to try and frighten people in a pretty disgraceful way to win votes.”

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