Iain Implores Tory MP To Stop With The "Meaningless" Slogans

25 April 2017, 17:45

Iain Implores Tory To Can The "Meaningless" Slogans...Will She Listen?

"Strong and stable leadership"? "Coalition of chaos"? Iain Dale tells this Tory MP to put a cork in the slogans because he's already bored.


Strong and stable leadership? Coalition of chaos? We're only a few days into the election campaign but already Iain Dale has had enough of the pointless buzz phrases being deployed by the Conservatives.

Iain interrupted Maria Caulfield when she started to tell his listeners that the election was a "clear choice between the strong and stable leadership of the Conservatives and - "

"That's the sloganising out of the way," he told her. "That's what Conservative politician is instructed to say when they do interviews like this.

"It's just getting rather boring after three days, listening to this ridiculous sloganising, isn't it?"

Maria responded: "Before the election's even started, there's a coalition of chaos - "

That's right - just a few seconds after Iain told Caulfield to stop using slogans, she dropped another one in.

"There you go again!" he said with a laugh. "Are we going to have this for the next six weeks, every Tory MP comes out with these meaningless slogans?"

So Iain had a great suggestion for when any Tory politicians come on his show: start a drinking game and "every time a Tory MP says 'coalition of chaos', we have a swift one!"

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