WATCH: The Controversial McDonald’s Advert That’s Sparked Outrage

17 May 2017, 15:21

The Controversial McDonald’s Advert Taken Off-Air After Complaints

Watch the controversial McDonald's advert which has been taken off-air after a number of complaints.


This is this controversial Mcdonald’s advert that has been taken off-air after sparking outrage across the country.

The fast food giant has been accused of exploiting childhood bereavement for the advertisement.

It features a young boy searching for something in common with his dead dad, eventually, he discovers their shared interests is a “Filet-o-Fish” in McDonald's.

The ad has been blasted on social media and by bereavement charities too.

McDonald’s says it was never their attention to cause upset and has since apologised.

But do you find it offensive? Iain Dale will be taking your calls on this from 4pm. Watch the clip above and let him know.

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