Young Mum’s Enthusiasm For Jeremy Corbyn Sparks Huge Reaction

16 May 2017, 18:02

Young Mum: “Working Class Voters Should Back Jeremy Corbyn”

This young mum is left totally entuhsed by Labour's manifesto launch.


This young mum who urged voters to back Jeremy Corbyn after reading Labour's manifesto has generated a huge amount of reaction.

Daisy told Iain the party’s promises, including the £10 per hour minimum wage, would resonate hugely with working class voters.

Labour has also pledged to ban zero hour contracts to guarantee workers a “number of hours each week” as well as four new public holidays to mark national patron saints’ days.

“I don’t think it reflects in the media how popular he is”, Daisy told Iain Dale. “It’s a real shame as the more people who knew about him and his policies, I think it would be a good thing.”

The Conservatives have described Labour’s manifesto as “nonsensical”, but Daisy went on to explain how she’d seen a decline in public services under the current government.

She added: “I’ve just had a baby, I’ve gone to my local doctors and told: ‘No, you can’t get antenatal classes now all the funding has been cut, you’ll have to pay and go private'.”

Iain described Daisy's call as "one of the most convincing arguments for voting Labour" he had heard, with a number of LBC listeners also getting in touch. 

Watch above and see if you agree.

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