'Whatever Way You Voted, Let's Get Positive About Brexit'

30 March 2017, 07:42

Ian Collins Brexit Positive

Ian Collins says that confidence is the key to making a success of Brexit, so it's time for Remainers to stop trying to undermine it.

In a pointed attack on the pessimists about Brexit, Ian rounded on "the Heseltines, and the Tim Farrons and the Corbyns...Alastair Campbell, matey from the SNP".

"It is almost criminal that these people hold any kind of public office, bearing in mind the kind of message they're putting out there.

"The one thing we know about the stability of a country's economy, that confidence is key to it. Once confidence goes, like the proverbial house of cards, it all comes tumbling down."

Ian continued: "I don't want to hear Tim Farron, Alastair Campbell, matey from the SNP, I don't want to hear any of these people banging on about coming off a cliff."

Contrasting Brexit with climate change, Ian said that there's a clear cause and effect with the environment. He argues that there simply isn't with Brexit - so it's time for a change of attitude from Remainers.

"This is a mandmade construct. Something that we can guide around and navigate. It isn't immovable. The law of physics doesn't dictate that the EU exists and therefore that is it.

"You can negotiate around it. Of course you can. It might be tough but of course you can."

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