Remarkable Call From Man Who Abused His Wife Explaining How He Changed

5 July 2017, 08:31

Domestic Abuser Calls Ian Collins

Caller convicted of domestic violence tells Ian Collins how the abuser can stop.


The caller, whose first marriage ended because of his violence, said the first step to changing is admitting the truth.

“I just want to let people know it can stop. The man can stop this, he’s just got to admit he’s doing it. And that, for me, was the hardest thing," He told Ian Collins on his nightly LBC show.

“I was lying to myself, thinking ‘well, it wasn’t my fault. If she hadn’t done this then I wouldn’t have had to do that.'

“Really, I was making excuses.”

The caller said he sees his children from his first marriage, who are grown up now, “from time to time”. But he acknowledges he’s “destroyed that relationship I had with them”.

He also revealed he was abusive to his current partner about eight years ago, but that he has changed since then and she has stayed with him.

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