"One Parcel Every 2.5 Minutes!" Caller's Awful Account Of Being A Delivery Driver

12 December 2016, 14:21

Ian Collins surprise

It’s a busy time of year for delivery drivers, and this caller’s experience will make you question how these people are treated.

Dan had taken a job as a driver for a delivery company, interested in the good pay he had heard was on offer. But he quickly found out the truth was very different.

Caller's Shocking Description Of Life In The Delivery Industry

"One parcel every two and a half minutes. It's impossible!" Delivery driver reveals dangerous pressure of job.


“First day they gave me 120 parcels to deliver.

“You are under so much pressure you don’t have time to eat. They want you deliver one parcel every two and a half minutes. How impossible is that?”

To LBC’s Ian Collins this seemed like an impossible task. And then you start to consider how this isn’t just unfair on the driver, it is actually very dangerous.

“You’re driving very erratically. You’re driving like a Formula One driver. You don’t even want to stop at the red lights!”

If the pressure and the inability to fulfil the task wasn’t bad enough, Dan revealed there was one final insult from the delivery company.

“Unfortunately I wasn’t paid for that [shift] because I couldn’t deliver [them all].”

Something to think about next time you’re waiting for a delivery.

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