"PC Keith Palmer Saved My Life": Emotional Tribute To Fallen Officer

10 April 2017, 08:22

'Keith Palmer Saved My Life'

"He was a hero before yesterday." Nina's life was saved by PC Keith Palmer when they worked together and this is her tribute to him.


PC Keith Palmer once saved Nina's life. She spoke to LBC to pay this emotional tribute after he was murdered in the Westminster terror attack.

PC Palmer was stabbed and killed by the attacker outside the Houses of Parliament during the terror attack on Wednesday afternoon.

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Nina Whitehead used to work with him and relayed the story of how he rescued her in a car accident, first in a call to Ian Collins last night and then by joining James O'Brien in the LBC studio.

"He never seemed to be miserable, he was always such a good laugh," Nina told James. "He was already a hero. In my eyes he always will be."

She said: "I did know him very well, he saved my life in fact. So I just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful man he was.

"He actually did save my life in a car accident on duty when I was a police officer in 2007. I was the passenger and he was one of the police officers who actually helped save my life. So I owe him everything.

"He was a wonderful Dad and a wonderful husband to his wife. He was fun, he was a laugh, he cared. I know everyone, when someone passes, why do they always say he was such a lovely person, but he actually really was.

"And he cared about what he was doing, he actually cared about his job."

Watch Nina's call to Ian from last night:

An Emotional Tribute To PC Keith Palmer From A Woman He Once Saved

PC Keith Palmer once saved Nina's life. She pays this emotional tribute after he was murdered in the Westminster terror attack.


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