Ian Collins Perfectly Sums Up Jeremy Corbyn's Speech In 60 Seconds

29 September 2016, 07:40

Ian Collins Perfectly Sums Up Corbyn's Speech In 60 Seconds

Ian Collins perfectly sums up Jeremy Corbyn's conference speech in 60 seconds.


Ian Collins needed only 60 seconds to give a perfect summation of Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the Labour Conference.

The LBC presenter said Mr Corbyn seems like a nice man and what he wants seems like a good idea, but it's clear that he has no idea how to do it.

Ian likened the Labour leader to a one-legged man running the marathon, saying: "You kind of hope he's going to do, it in a way you sort of want him to do it, but you know he's never going to win, no matter how well intentioned he might be."

Speaking on his late-night LBC show, Ian said: "The abridged version of Jeremy Corbyn's speech is this.

"I'm a nice man, much nicer than the Tories. I believe in fairness and equality. I want to give lots of people more money. I want all children to be able to play the flute by the time they leave school and I want to build a peaceful world.

"That is it. He's a nice man, wants everybody to have a better time. Inequality is rife, he will sort it. A lack of education is rife, he will sort it. The trains are not on time, he will sort it.

"How do you do it? You lob loads of money at it."

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