Ian Collins Takes Down Troll With One Question

15 August 2016, 08:47

An internet troll called LBC to show off about sending pornographic pictures to women - and Ian Collins cut him down to size with just one simple question.

Tony in Slough was the subject of a TV show called Troll Hunters after sending offensive tweets to famous people like former MP Louise Mensch.

As Ian Collins was discussing the UK's first specialist task force to stamp out online hate crime, Tony called in to boast about his internet antics.

And Ian took just one question to to get the crux of his position.

When Ian asked why he wanted to send pornographic material to women he didn't know, Tony said: "First and foremost, they are feminists. And the best way to wind up a feminist is to send them porn."

Ian asked why he wanted to wind up a feminist and the answer was simply: "Because I don't like them.

"And it made my laugh. I was laughing, I was howling. My neighbours thought that I had a dog. It brightened up my days."

Ian then asked the question that everyone wanted to know the answer to: "Are you single?"

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