Ian's Message To The Left: Stop Acting Like You're The Only Ones Who Care

20 April 2017, 08:59

Ian Is Sick Of The Left Acting Like They're The Only Ones With A Social Conscience

Just because you support Labour doesn't mean you have the monopoly on social conscious!


Just because you're a Labour supporter, doesn't mean you have the monopoly on having a social conscience, says Ian Collins.

On his late night LBC show, Ian Collins had something he wanted to get off his chest.

He said: "My problem with the left, and it has always been my problem with the left, particularly the sort of Corbyn-like left, is the idea that they have the monopoly on compassion. 

"That's the bit that bugs the living daylights out of me. The idea that somehow only they can care about people and have a social conscience. 

"You see it on some people's Twitter feeds; 'I'm a Labour supporter and therefore I have a social conscience'.

"Who writes that about themselves? Who writes that about themselves? You might as well just write 'I'm a really nice person'. 

"It's just cobblers, frankly. Different political ideologies have different ways of getting to their social conscience. They have different ways of dealing with issues that they think are problems that the social conscience throws up. 

"But you don't have the monopoly on it, just because you support Jeremy Corbyn. The idea that every single Tory in the land, 11 million people, are all nasty, greedy, horrible, selfish swines."

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