Ian Collins Has A Wake-Up Call For Nicola Sturgeon

14 March 2017, 10:59

Ian Collins On The "Double Damage" Of A Second Scottish Referendum

Ian Collins's take down of a second Scottish independence referendum


The main reason the SNP wants another Scottish independence referendum? Ian Collins says it's all aimed at giving Westminster a kicking - no more, no less.

Ian Collins cannot see the sense of another independence referendum for Scotland, claiming it would inflict "double damage" because it doesn't the desire to leave the UK isn't something most Scots feel.

"What's most spectacular about this is it doesn't represent the views of most Scots either, so it's doubly damaging in that respect. But of course anything to give Westminster a kicking.

"That appears to be, first and foremost, the plan of action that comes from Sturgeon and co. on this."

Ian then outlined what he thinks Scotland and England have in common and it was a long list: "We have the same head of state, we have the same currency, armed forces, there are one or two cosmetic differences around education and law.

"But we speak the same language, we have the same stuff on the TV, there is no difference.

"And in fact the differences that are there are wonderful."

Ian admitted that he was ready to listen to the economic case for Scottish autonomy, but "I've never heard anybody make that case. And I don't suppose the Scottish people have either, because the last time there was a referendum - which was about half an hour ago, Nicola - the last time there was one of those, you guys lost it."

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