There Can Only Ever Be Two Genders, It’s Science: Ian Collins

31 August 2017, 11:15

Ian Collins is sick and tired of the campaign for more genders, exclaiming you can only ever be a boy or a girl - it’s science.

The LBC presenter said his opinion would get him fired in some workplaces nowadays, but insisted it really wasn’t that controversial.

He was speaking as Disneyland Paris refused to let a three-year-old boy take part in its “princess for a day experience” because he’s not a girl, his mother claims.

Ian said it was possible to “transition to the opposite sex” but you can only be a “boy or a girl”, arguing there was no in-between.

“You are only ever a boy or a girl, end of,” he thundered.

“You can have smart names and interpretations, or question why some people aren’t behaving to stereotypical archetype or behaviour patterns - but you are 100 per cent, scientific, bonafide fact a boy or girl.”

Watch his take above, he’s very passionate.

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