"Cycle Couriers Are A Fatal Accident Waiting To Happen"

9 October 2017, 10:04

This caller used to run a courier company, he stopped using cyclists after one of his employees killed a girl at a zebra crossing.

Kim Briggs died in hospital in February last year, a week after she was hit by a cyclist in east London as she crossed the road during her lunch break.

Charlie Alliston, who was 19 at the time, was riding a fixed-wheel track back without a front brake, rendering it illegal to be ridden on the road.

Discussing the issues surrounding cyclist and pedestrian safety, Ian Collins spoke to a caller who used to run a courier company.

He decided to stop using cycle couriers after one of his employees killed a girl at a zebra crossing.

He said: "We had quite a few cycle couriers. The incident that made me stop using them in my industry was that one of our cyclists killed somebody at a zebra crossing.

"He was deemed to be at fault, it was his fault, it was accepted. But that poor girl's family didn't get any compensation because he wasn't insured.

"It literally is an accident waiting to happen."

Watch the full conversation above.

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