Ian And Caller Clash Over DUP And Tory Deal

26 June 2017, 18:45

Ian Payne and caller Tony disagree on the ultimate price of the £1.5 billion deal.

Ian clashes with caller over the Tory and DUP deal

Ian clashes with caller over the Tory and DUP deal


Following the deal, Ian said that it “reaffirmed the strong and stable government. It's got to be good at whatever price.”

The caller, Tony, said it’s “Very hard to agree with anything you just said there."

Ian replied “she has a majority, so the governments policy can now be made law."

Ian Payne Caller
Ian Payne Caller

Asked by Tony why the money wasn’t spent on the Grenfell victims or councils up and down the country, Ian replied: "The most important thing, during Brexit and national crisis, is to have a government in charge."

He added: “To me it’s just politics. The Labour Party tried to do it, the Conservatives are doing it.

"It is cynical, but it’s how things are done isn’t it?”

Watch the full clip above.

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