Tory MP: 'The Manifesto Was Rotten To The Core And Mean Spirited'

10 June 2017, 17:21

Tory MP: 'The Manifesto Was Rotten To The Core And Mean Spirited'

Nigel Evans, Conservative MP for the Ribble Valley constituency , absolutely slammed the Tory manifesto, and the advisors thought to be responsible for it.


Nigel Evans slammed the PM and her advisors for approving the "rotten" and "mean spirited" manifesto in this interview with Ian Payne.

The Conservative MP for the Ribble Valley constituency spoke to Ian Pay following the resignation of Theresa May's two key advisors, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy. 

Political Expert's Damning Evaluation Of Theresa May's Key Advisors

He was absolutely raging about the loss of a Tory majority following the election - and he knows exactly what caused the party to lose seats: the "rotten" manifesto. 

The MP slated the manifesto, and questioned Theresa May's judgement for ever approving it. 

He said: "The big mistake was that flaming manifesto, which was rotten to the core, which turned on our core support, which was mean spirited in aspects of it."

Ian said: "But she must have approved it?"

The MP responded: "Absolutely she must have approved it, and I think there were huge errors in it."

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