Clegg: The 'Undimmed Anger' Of Young People Is Going To Come Out

19 April 2017, 11:43

Clegg: The 'Undimmed Anger' Of Young People Is Going To Come Out


The Liberal Democrat MP says the country is more divided than ever, and the biggets rift is between young and old.

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats told James O'Brien that as Theresa May calls an election that she says will help unite the country, the most damaging divison is not a regional one, but a generational one.

"Some of the divisions are, you know, very familiar, obviously between Scotland and England, between London and other parts of England, between Northern Ireland the rest of the United Kingdom, and so on.

"The one that worries me most and I think is the most persistent is the generational one."

The MP, who will stand again in June for his Sheffield Hallam seat, says that young people are angry, and we're going to start seeing this anger in our politics.

"I now spend a lot of time talking in sixth form colleges and schools and universities, and there is an undimmed anger and frustration amongst so many young people I meet that they are having a future imposed upon them that they explicitly voted against.

"I mean it's an astonishing thing for a mature democracy to do that, to basically say to, you know, the 70 percent of 18 to 24 year olds who voted for Remain, 'I'm sorry, we, even though we don't have to live with the consequences and you will have to, are going to impose a future that you don't want'.

"And I think that will, one way or another, that will come out in the wash in British politics in the years to come."

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