'Doctors Wanted To Turn My Life Support Off. My Family Stopped Them.'

21 December 2016, 12:04

James O'Brien Point

Wes calls James O'Brien to explain how doctors wanted to turn off his life support but his family insisted they leave it on. Two months later he woke up and his first thought was priceless.

'Doctors Wanted To Turn Off My Life Support Machine'

Doctors wanted to turn off this caller's life support machine but his family insisted they keep it on. His first thought on waking up is so funny.


As well as making James chuckle with that memory, Wes gave the LBC presenter something else to chew on at the end of his call.

It came after an emotional hour about the rights and wrongs of doctors wanting to turn off life support and what families should do when confronted with that choice.

Wes was understandably a big advocate of leaving the machines on. His reason? "Imagine you turn the [machine off] keeping your family member alive.

"Then you find out two weeks later that there's some new technology that could've helped.

"How are you going to feel?"

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