Iraq Veteran: 'Forget Blair. Remember The Soldiers Who Died'

10 March 2017, 12:59

The Iraq Veteran's Message You Need To Hear

This Iraq veteran says the debate about Tony Blair is distracting us from the real story of the Iraq War: those who lost their lives in the conflict.


Andy from Slough served in Iraq twice and he has a very simple message: instead of talking about Tony Blair, let's talk about the soldiers who died there.

"Don't forget," said Andy. "Forget me, I'm alive. I get to go to bed every night.

"Don't forget the blokes who died."

It really stuck a chord with James O'Brien and a lot of his listeners too. It also prompted the LBC presenter to ask this question: "When you hear people going after Tony Blair and saying it was wrong, does that make it harder to remember the blokes who died?"

Andy: "I think it takes focus away.

"It's an illegal war, fine. But at the end of the day there's not a single soldier who went who thought: this is an illegal war.

"They went because that was their job. But they went with a moral compass firmly set, on their person.

"Every single one of them did their job well and true.

"Don't forget the ones who died."

Watch the full interview here:

Iraq Veteran's Moving Call To James: In Full

Iraq veteran Andy's remarkable call to James O'Brien in full.


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