James Responds To Accusations Of "Scaremongering" About EU Citizens

25 April 2017, 15:19

James On Accusations Of "Scaremongering" Over EU Citizens' Future

James has a response for those accusing him of "scaremongering" over the fate of 3m EU citizens living in Britain.


"If you're giving me the 'don't scaremonger' line, I'm afraid you have to convince me that Theresa May and some of her cohorts were lying when they said no deal is better than a bad deal..."

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer today said that a Labour government would immediately protect the rights of European citizens living in the UK, if it wins the June election.

It prompted James to reflect on on the current uncertainty surrounding EU citizens once we are no longer a member.

Accused of scaremongering by some listeners, James reacted.

"If there is no deal, 3m people have to have an 85-page form processed by the Home Office asap and the result after that process may not be good because they'll be applying under the same terms that non-EU citizens currently apply.

"And one of the big things I remember from Brexit was all you people telling me that the way non-EU citizens have to apply to live here isn't fair.

"So what you've done is take 3m EU citizens and put them in the situation you said wasn't fair on the non-EU citizens.

"If we end up with no deal, 3m futures are more up in the air than they are now."

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