James Explains How Parliament Works To Leave Voter

24 January 2017, 11:57

James O'Brien Distraught

"How did you end up being this bloke?" James explains to this caller what it really means for MPs to vote for Brexit, even if it will harm their own constituents.

"How Did You Become This Bloke?" James And Brexit Caller

James O'Brien explains why MPs voting against the wishes of their constituents on Brexit makes no sense.


Reacting to the Supreme Court ruling that parliament must have a vote on Brexit, Max called James to say that politicians are not in a position to oppose "the will of the people".

"You're voting for what you consider to be in their best interests," said James. "That is the most fundamental tenet of parliamentary representation.

"That is what you voted for, whether you like it or not."

So James had a challenge for Max. "Let's play a game...

"Forget Brexit. Imagine an MP in a dock, in a court of law.

"Now imagine a lawyer, saying to that MP: 'Do you mean to tell the court that you voted in this way, believing that it would be disastrous for your constituents' and the MP replies 'Yes, I did.'"

Max responded: "That's not the point."

"Oh, it is the point."

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