James Explains Why Taxi Drivers And EU Nationals Are Now In The Same Boat

Why Black Cab Drivers And EU Nationals Are In The Same Boat


This caller, a black cab driver, complained that he couldn’t plan for his future because of how the threat of Uber to his trade has grown.

He says he has to buy a new cab next year which will cost him £43,000. How can he make that kind of investment when he doesn’t know what’s going to happen to the trade?

James was sympathetic to his dilemma, but posed a question: did you vote remain or leave?

He said he was away when the vote happened, but he would have voted leave.

“How do you think EU nationals now feel?

“Worried about whether their job is still going to be there, whether their finances are going to be protected. Worried whether or not they’re going to enjoy the same rights and regulations they currently enjoy. They feel exactly the same as you do.”

“When I stick up for them, you don’t see yourself as anyway on the same side.”

James suggests more ordinary people will realise that they have more in common with people they are opposed to and that they should support each other.

But he says by the time that happens it might be too late.

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