James Delivers Scathing Take On Farage's 'March On Supreme Court'

7 November 2016, 13:28

James O'Brien On Farage's 'March On The Supreme Court'

Nigel Farage wants 100,000 people to march on the Supreme Court over Brexit. This is James O'Brien's scathing response.


Nigel Farage has announced plans to lead 100,000 people in a march on the Supreme Court over the Brexit legal challenge. He might want to avoid James O'Brien's reaction to the plan.

Leave.EU are organising the march in early December, aimed at protesting the judges who ruled that Brexit must be approved by MPs before Article 50 can be triggered.

Nigel Farage has called that judgment a "betrayal" of the millions who voted to leave the EU.

WATCH: James Rebukes Farage Calling Brexit Ruling "Betrayal"

Today James gave his reaction to the march and it's safe to say he wasn't impressed: "We're post-truth now...what's Mr Farage doing? Having a little march to the Supreme Court to complain about British judges enacting British laws in British courts.

"Truly we are down the rabbit hole!"

James continued: "He says to remind people what they voted for. I appreciate your core support is a little bit flaky pal, but I don't think anyone's forgotten what they voted for.

"It's quite incredible. Yet we're all still standing alongside, going: 'Oh, I wonder why this is happening.'

"I'm not wondering why this is happening. I know why this is happening. Same reason it's happened throughout history. You take angry people who feel like they're not getting a fair deal, give them a false target for their fury and just sit back and watch the whole place burn down."

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