James On Leaving The EU: "I Will Sit Here Crying Liberal Tears"

30 March 2017, 11:17

While Leavers rejoice in Remainers' disappointment, leaving the EU will break Remainers' hearts if Project Fear turns out to be Project Fact, says James O'Brien.

Following the triggering of Article 50 yesterday, James O'Brien said he was looking to find the "great British future things" heralded by pro-Brexit newspapers today.

What he found was celebration of the PM trying to “blackmail” the EU, by offering security cooperation in exchange for trade deals, and a rejection by Angela Merkel of parallel exit and trade talks.

James said that he has received numerous messages from his "box of trolls" rejoicing in his dismay about leaving the EU, but he said that he wont rejoice if Brexit turns sour.

“I’m not like you. I’m nothing like you.

“When you find out, potentially, how big a mistake you’ve made I won’t derive any pleasure from it.

“I’m not going to sit hear going: ‘Ha ha! You lost your job!’ or ‘Ha ha! You can’t afford your weekly shop!’ I’m not going to do that.

“I’m going to sit here crying liberal tears that you’ve lost your job.”

From his point of view those 'rejoicing' at remainers' dismay are doing so because they can't imagine being sympathetic.

“I guess you find it impossible to believe, because you can only the world as viewed through your own lenses.”

Ultimately, no one wins if Brexit fails, and James says people like him who warned against will not rejoice.

“It’s going to break remainers’ hearts if ‘Project Fear’ turns out to be ‘Project Fact’.”

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