James O'Brien's Thought Provoking Take On Snap Election

18 April 2017, 11:59

How James O'Brien Reacted To Theresa May's Announcement

James O'Brien's instant reaction to the snap election announcement by Theresa May is unmissable.


This is how LBC's James O'Brien reacted to the shock announcement of an election in just 51 days' time.

Theresa May stood at a lectern outside Downing Street at 11am this morning and told the nation that she wants a snap election, despite months of the PM saying she wouldn't call one.

James's immediate reaction was a striking one: that this election, more than any other, sees so many voters feel "utterly unrepresented democratically".

The Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems - as far as James can see, so many of the mainstream parties are struggling to appeal to their core and because of Brexit, even floating voters are struggling.

As James says at the end of the clip: "Who speaks for you?"

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