James O'Brien: Byron Did Nothing Wrong

28 July 2016, 14:09

James O'Brien: Byron Haven't Done Anything "Remotely Wrong"

Disgusted at how Byron Burgers treated its illegal immigrant workers? James O'Brien isn't.


Byron Burgers has found itself in the middle of a storm after "trapping" illegal migrant workers - but James O'Brien says they did absolutely nothing wrong.

The popular burger chain invited dozens of workers to a "staff training" session in London but once there, the workers were apprehended by Home Office immigration officials.

A number of them were found to be working on fake papers and have been deported from the UK. The company's behaviour has prompted a #boycottbyron campaign to spread online with outraged people angry at the "trap".

James O'Brien is not one of those people.

"It's not nice to think of people who have been working somewhere, in some cases for several years, who count their colleagues and even their managers amongst their friends and who have contributed taxes to the economy that will have seen the whole country benefit.

"It's not nice to think of them being lured into a place they consider to be safe, only to get arrested on suspicion of being here illegally and be carted away in fear of being deported.

"But they know the deal.

"When you buy fake papers, you know you're breaking the law. So to then somehow be held accountable to that law is not outrageous or unfair."

Earlier in the hour, a caller - Alex in Richmond - described being present as a customer in a restaurant where an immigration raid took place. That touched a nerve with James.

"It's horrible for everybody concerned," said the LBC presenter.. "Not least the customers.

"Therefore I don't think Byron - or indeed the Home Office - have done anything not just wrong, I don't think they've done anything remotely wrong."

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