James O’Brien: It Increasingly Appears That Grenfell Was Avoidable

6 July 2017, 14:40

James O’Brien: It Increasingly Appears Grenfell Was Avoidable

James O’Brien: It Increasingly Appears Grenfell Was Avoidable


This is James O’Brien’s latest analysis on the Grenfell Tower disaster - and his conclusion is worrying.

The LBC presenter said it was becoming increasingly apparent that the tragedy, which claimed the lives of many, could have been avoided.

James was drawn back to a blog written by the Grenfell Action Group which warned the tower was a fire risk.

Published before last month’s huge blaze, the association claimed it would take a “catastrophic event” before notice was taken.

Grenfell Tower - James O'Brien

After interviewing Kensington’s new Labour MP, James noted how he felt there was a “very strong suspicion” that such warnings had not been ignored by accident.

Sumarising on his conclusions, James said: “It appears to me increasingly that what has happened in North Kensington happened not by accident. Not by design, not on purpose but somewhere between the two.”

He continued: “If you see on purpose as something that has been planned and explicitly wished for then that’s palpably absurd.

Grenfell Tower

“But if you see by accident as something that is utterly unavoidable and completely random that’s equally absurd.

“It’s somewhere between the two.”

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