Brexit Ruling: O'Brien's Stinging Response To Farage

3 November 2016, 12:31

Brexit: James O'Brien's Must-See Response To Nigel Farage

James O'Brien reacts to Nigel Farage claiming the High Court's Brexit ruling is a "betrayal".


Nigel Farage has claimed the High Court ruling on Brexit is a "betrayal". James O'Brien isn't going to let that one lie.

"It's almost as if we need a new word, because hypocrisy and fraudulent are no longer powerful enough words to describe this man," says James, who laid into Farage during a very busy show.

The court ruled that MPs must get a vote before Article 50 can be triggered.

WATCH: James' Vital Take On EU Ruling

Mr Farage, the former Ukip leader, commented in the wake of the ruling: "I worry that a betrayal may be near at hand".

James told his listeners: "Just look at Mr Farage for a moment. Look at a man who said if the result 52%-48% there'd be a very strong case for having a second referendum.

"He's already, I presume, talking about betrayal.

"But he actually said out loud if it was 52%-48% it would be close enough to merit calls for a second referendum. Of course he said that when he thought that the Leave side were going to lose.

"But those of us who are honest, those of us who are true, those of us who have integrity, would have to say that if you made that point expecting one result, you should still subscribe to it when the result is the same numbers but the opposite way."

"He also said Barack Obama had no business interfering in British politics.

"This a few weeks before he stood on a podium with a self-confessed sex abuser, Donald's almost as if we need a new word because hypocrisy and fraudulent are no longer powerful enough words to describe this man." 

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