James O'Brien On Supreme Court Case: I Thought Brexiteers Wanted British Law?

5 December 2016, 10:45

James O'Brien

James O'Brien had one important question for Brexiteers who are angry about the Supreme Court case about Article 50: Didn't you want British law?

The Supreme Court will start considering this morning the Government's appeal over a key ruling on the formal Brexit process.

That has made some Brexiteers very angry. But James argues, isn't this what they wanted?

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "The same people who've spent years telling us how important it is to have British judges in British courts enacting British law now object to British judges in British courts enacting British law because they're worried that they might go the other way.

"And it doesn't make sense my friends. You can't suddenly change your view on British judges in British courts enacting British law if you don't like the verdict.

"It's never been about the verdict for you people, it's always been about the identity of the judges: 'We don't want foreign judges in foreign courts enacting foreign laws.'

"So today will be back in that weird world where people like me argue that the rule of law is important and people who have spent the last 20 years claiming that the rule of law has been overridden by Brussels suddenly argue that the rule of law in this country isn't important."

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