James O'Brien Takes Apart Daily Mail's "Brexit Bonus"

8 November 2016, 13:39

James O'Brien piece of paper

The Daily Mail has printed a "Brexit Bonus" a good news story about leaving the European Union. James O'Brien takes just 90 seconds to dismantle it.

The tiny article, entitled Staff Sickie Slump, claimed that people are taking fewer days off ill because of Brexit.

James read out the piece - and then laid into it.

James O'Brien Takes Apart The Daily Mail's Brexit Bonus

A Daily Mail Brexit Bonus? What happens when you scrape the bottom of the barrel? You get splinters.


James said: "Here is the first paragraph of something that the Daily Mail is telling you today is good news, Brexit-related. Good news.

"Once you've scraped the bottom of the barrel, what are you left with? Splinters I suppose. In the context of news, these are the splinters from the bottom of a barre that's been scraped clean.

"'Growing fears over job security and Brexit have fueled a slump in sickies, with the average worker taking just 1.67 days off for illness this year, a study has revealed.'

"If you read down into it a little further, it turns out that three in four people, just just over 73% of us have admitted going to work despite feeling ill enough to stay at home because they're frightened about their job security and the economic situation created by Brexit.

"So today's scrapings from the bottom of the barrel are sick people are going to work because they're scared. And that is a Brexit bonus."

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