James Points Out The Question On Social Care Theresa May Won’t Answer

22 May 2017, 14:01

James Hits Out At PM For Not Answering Question On Social Care

Theresa May can't answer one simple question on her social care cap, says James O'Brien.


The Conservatives’ manifesto is back in the headlines after Theresa May announced an apparent U-turn on social care, but James wants to know why she won’t answer one crucial question on the policy.

The Prime Minister says proposed changes to social care funding in England will now include a limit on the amount people will have to pay.

But, speaking to activists in Wales, Mrs May appeared to dodge a question from the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg on what such cap would be.

After James played out the Prime Minister’s answer on his LBC show, he had to replay it, just incase he missed the important figure.

He said: “She must have given a number, we know how this election is playing out, what’s the number?”

While listening to the response, James, again, was left bemused as Mrs May explained her policy, but did not give a figure on the cap.

The Prime Minister said: “Nobody is going to have to lose their family home, we will ensure that people are able to pass on their savings to their children.

“That is the proposals that we have put forward.”

Watch James dissect the Prime Minister's response in the video at the top of this page.

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