James: Sam Allardyce Blew His Dream Job Through Greed

28 September 2016, 11:25

Sam Allardyce shouldn't have been happier when he became England manager, says James, but then he let greed get in the way.

Allardyce left the role of England manager yesterday "by mutual consent" after crisis talks with the FA following an undercover report in the Daily Telegraph.

Allardyce was caught on camera agreeing to take £400,000 a year from a company he had never heard of, despite his seven-figure annual salary.

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James opened his show talking about the debacle but there was one thing he couldn't quite fathom: how Sam Allardyce blew the dream job of millions in order to make a couple of extra quid.

"It's the job he has dreamt of all his life.

"He's achieved it at a time where he couldn't really have looked better. It's a honeymoon period like no other, given that the failure to beat Iceland at the Euros creates an environment in which it's almost impossible to imagine things going worse than they did before."

James then looked at how much money Allardyce was on: "He's got an amazing deal. Quite how he was getting paid £2.5m to do something you have to imagine he'd have done for pride and peanuts is again an example of just how much money is sloshing around in football at the moment.

"He had it all to play for...and he blew it."


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