James Has A Tough Question For People Opposing Tax Rises

8 May 2017, 11:28

James Has A Tough Question For People Opposing Tax Rises


How people can say the state doesn’t have enough money and disability benefits need to be cut, but also oppose rich people paying a bit more tax?

This is the question James posed to people criticising Labour's pledge to increase taxes for people earning more than £80,000 per year.

"I mean, how can anybody be in support of a cut to disability benefit but be opposed to a tax rise for someone earning £100,000 a year? Or does that just make me sound horribly naive?"

James said it was evidence of an idea that rich and poor deserve different incentives for work.

"You want poor people to work harder, you pay them less so that they have to do more hours.

"You want rich people to work harder, you have to pay them more so that for every hour they do they get even more money than they would have done last year.

"I'm not going to lie to you, I just don't get that."

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