James's Theory About Fox Hunting Controversy

19 September 2016, 12:11

James O'Brien says fox hunting is unfairly singled out - and has an interesting theory why.

Talking on his LBC show he said that fox hunting, as a means of pest extermination, is unfairly singled out.

James said this type of hunting is: "one particular example of vermin being killed in one particular way upsets the nation or excites the nation in a way that no other, no other comparable practice does."

“And I think it's because there is a perception that people have already got lots of money, privilege, wealth, advantage, are having fun and they've already got so much, why should they get to have fun in this way?”

“I’m sure I'm misrepresenting the anti-hunt lobby and I wouldn't I don't imagine agree with Andrea Leadsom or much else but I don't get the ban on hunting foxes and other mammals with dogs.”

“I just don't get the ban on hunting with dogs, because if you want to get rid of all pest control measures then fine. I will I will afford you consistency you will clearly be consistent, but why this particular practice?”

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