Jon Ronson: What You Need To Know About Trump's Right Hand Man

14 November 2016, 12:37

Jon ROnson Donald Trump

This is writer Jon Ronson's compelling explanation of why Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon is a "warning sign" about what could happen next.

Joining James O'Brien in the LBC studio, Ronson accused Bannon of promoting "the most effective racism of the last five or ten years".

Jon Ronson On The "Effective Racism" Of Steve Bannon

Jon Ronson explains what you need to know about Donald Trump's new chief strategist.


Ronson has spent "a lot of time" with disenfranchised white working class people in America, as well as studying things like the KKK and psychopaths in his critically-acclaimed books and films.

"Bannon represents the far right," he told James.

"Bannon's newspaper would publish articles about how Hispanics have lower IQs than white people. He is now in the White House. Forget about politics, that is a very big warning sign."

"You say that's a very big warning sign and people tell you you just don't get it," replied James.

"I understand disenfranchised white working class people in America," said Ronson. "I've spent a lot of time with them, I understand that. But there's a very big difference between that and racism.

"Right now, he's made as his chief strategist somebody who has promoted the most effective form of racism of the last five or ten years in America."

Ronson then spoke about the terms used by the media to talk about Bannon.

"I think the BBC described Stephen Bannon as a firebrand conservative.

"Writing articles about how Hispanics have lower IQs than white people - that's not firebrand conservatism. That's racism."

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