Kensington MP: Council Think Grenfell Survivors Are "Lesser Than Them"

12 July 2017, 10:34

'Councillors Think Survivors Are Lesser Than Them'

'Councillors Think Survivors Are Lesser Than Them'


The Kensington and Chelsea MP told LBC that the leaders of the council consider Grenfell Tower survivors to be second-class citizens.

Emma Dent-Coad told James O'Brien that the locals do not trust the council because of how they are perceived by the leaders.

She was speaking as James hosted his show from the shadow of Grenfell Tower, four weeks to the day since the tragedy which killed at least 80 people.

James O'Brien speaks to Kensington & Chelsea MP Emma Dent-Coad
James O'Brien speaks to Kensington & Chelsea MP Emma Dent-Coad

She told LBC: "We have to review the whole way that the hierarchies work actually in the council. I've found huge problems with with the way... the people in control in the council genuinely see survivors as lesser than them.

"I've actually seen this in the council in some of the comments I've heard over the years. They do actually see them as lesser beings. They may not recognise that in themselves but they do.

"They are not equal human beings to them so they can't empathise or sympathise really because they they don't see them as equal to themselves or they can't put themselves in the position of somebody who has had less money and less opportunities and is struggling with their everyday lives. They can't see that."

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