Starmer: Labour Needs To Take Immigration Concerns "Seriously"

25 April 2017, 13:22

What Would Happen To Immigration Under A Corbyn Government?

What would a Labour Brexit mean for immigration? Their Shadow Brexit Secretary gives some surprising answers.


What would a Labour government mean for Brexit and immigration? Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit Secretary, explains to James O'Brien.

Speaking to James not long after outlining his party's Brexit strategy should they win June's snap election, Starmer tackled the issue of immigration - something that has historically caused a lot of disagreements in Labour.

"Freedom of movement," asked James, "What is the Labour policy on freedom of movement post-Brexit?"

Starmer replied: "We accept that freedom of movement was a major part of the referendum debate and outcome and that freedom of movement has to go and we need new immigration rules based on fairness, on reasonable management of migration going forward."

James: "Which means what, in terms of numbers, or is that too difficult a question to ask?"

Starmer said the detail of that was a matter for the Shadow Home Secretary to outline but answered: "We need something that works for the economy and for communities.

"Many communities are concerned and we need to take those concerns seriously and have real answers.

"On the other hand, we don't want to crash the economy...the last thing we want is lots and lots of businesses going bankrupt."

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