Look Out Boris, The Remain MPs Are Coming For You

11 October 2016, 13:20

Brosi Soubry

Anna Soubry was a passionate pro-EU voice in the Brexit referendum and she told James O'Brien that she's fired-up and ready to hold Boris Johnson to account over it.

Look Out Boris, The Remain MPs Are Coming For You

Tory MP Anna Soubry makes it clear that Boris Johnson to going to get a rough ride from her over Brexit.


"We all want Brexit to work," said James. "We just have no clue how that's going to happen and neither do the people selling it."

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Soubry, the Conservative MP for Broxtowe, agreed but had some fighting talk for the Foreign Secretary to add.

"That's why you've got to hold people to account. Boris knows my views on this, I don't believe Boris ever actually in his heart wanted us to leave the EU. He did it for the wrong reasons.

"That's why he wasn't celebrating.

"And that's also why he said, when he wrote this piece for the Daily Telegraph, [Boris said] the only change: 'we will extricate ourselves from EU sovereignty, everything else was going to be exactly the same.

"So I'm looking forward to having that debate with him in Parliament and asking him: 'What changed Boris?'"

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