Nigel Farage v James O'Brien After Election Defeat

8 May 2015, 12:26

Nigel Farage has spoken to James O'Brien for the first time since the infamous interview between them following his resignation as Ukip leader.

Ukip spin doctor Patrick O'Flynn had to step in to end the interview last May ahead of the European elections.

But Mr Farage was good enough to speak to James again this morning, following his resignation as Ukip leader after he failed to win a seat in the General Election.

And he insisted he had no idea whether he would stand again for leadership of Ukip in September, despite James insisting he would definitely be back.

When asked if he was coming back, he said: "You know what, I honestly and truthfully cannot answer that question.

"I want to go away, I want to catch a fish, drink a beer, travel the world a bit and think about my life."

When James insisted he'd be back, Mr Farage said: "Your guess is as good as mine."

To which James replied: "OK, my guess is 100% certain that you'll be there."

But Mr Farage said: "Right at this moment, politics is pretty down on my list of priorities."

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