O'Brien: How The Rich Protect The Status Quo

11 April 2016, 11:13

James: How The Elite Protect The Status Quo

It doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor, explains James, you just aren't allowed to criticise the status quo.


James O'Brien is back on-air and in fantastic form as he lays out just why it's so hard for anyone - rich or poor - to criticise the status quo on wealth.

Speaking for the first time on LBC about the ongoing controversy over David Cameron's finances, O'Brien laid out how the elite shut down any criticism.

"If you don't like policies that see rich people get richer while poor people get poorer, and you haven't got any money?

"That's the politics of envy.

"If you don't like policies that see rich people get richer while poor people get poorer, and you have got a few quid?

"That's called champagne socialism.

"That leaves precisely nowhere you can sit as someone who genuinely, passionately and sincerely believes that we should probably help poor get richer rather than help rich people get richer." 

James was in no doubt that protecting the status quo is something the media are guilty of too: "Presumably this is what you've had inflicted on you by the Mail and the Express and the Sun for the last couple of weeks.

"You're not allowed to criticise the status quo in any way. A status quo that sees the rich get richer, under a Tory government, and the poor get poorer.

"You are not allowed to criticise it any way."

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