Polish Family Forced Out Of Britain By Post-Brexit Atmosphere

21 June 2017, 11:44

A nursery nurse has been forced to go back home to Poland because of the poisonous atmosphere towards foreigners since Brexit.

Polish Family Forced Out Of UK After Brexit Call James O'Brien

Polish Family Forced Out Of UK After Brexit Call James O'Brien


Radek called James O'Brien to reveal that his family has left Britain after 14 happy years.

He said migrant communities were strongly affected by the campaign for the EU referendum and he and his family were eventually left with no option but to leave.

Yesterday, James read out this post from Radek.

After getting a remarkable response, Radek called James to explain his family's decision to leave.

He said: "The damage has been caused to migrant communities in the run-up of the Brexit vote during the campaign.

"The Eastern European migrants living in the UK has been shown from only one perspective, the bad perspective.

"On the basis of that, a lot of people cast their vote. That was a breaking point for many families like mine.

James O'Brien hears Radek's story
James O'Brien hears Radek's story

"14 years ago, there was a recruitment agency, coming out to our country, paying for our flights to come over to the UK, paying for our flights to go and visit family twice a year, paying for our accommodation, just so we can come and work over here.

"And not many people thought they're going to bring families here, they're going to have kids, they're going to start buying our houses, using our NHS services.

"As the services are overstretched because there is not enough money being put in, the mood changes and the lead parties are blaming the migrant population for it.

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