WATCH: Khan Sorry For "Uncle Tom" Comments

4 May 2016, 10:10

Sadiq Khan Says Sorry For "Uncle Tom" Comments

Labour's mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan apologises for using the phrase "Uncle Tom".


London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has said sorry for using the phrase "Uncle Tom" and spoken about the toll of the "negative" campaign on his family and friends.

Khan was giving his last live interview before tomorrow's vote to James O'Brien, when he tackled the latest racial storm in the campaign.

In a 2009 interview, Khan used the phrase when discussing moderate Muslim groups. The controversial term is seen as a racial slur that refers to black people who were subserviant to white people in the United States. 

"Context matters," said Khan when O'Brien asked him about the quotes.

Khan responded: "Firstly, I regret using the phrase...and I am sorry.

"I did[understand what it means]...the context is this: I was a Communities Minister and I was trying to get everyone involved in working with and consulting with government.

"So you can't simply talk to those who agree with you and they can be caricatured as being "Uncle Tom".  The point I was making is that we want to talk to everyone - even those that are offside as well as those that are onside."

Watch the full interview here:

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