Caller's Fascinating Point About Selling Weapons To Saudi Arabia

4 April 2017, 13:36

Mike's Son Makes The Rockets We Sell To Saudi Arabia

Mike has a great point to make about Britain selling arms to Saudi Arabia.


As Theresa May defends our ties with Saudi Arabia, James O'Brien takes a call with a very thought-provoking point to make about the missiles we sell to them.

Mike in Chigwell phoned James as the debate raged about our continuing connections with Saudi Arabia, with the Prime Minister insisting that security and trade links with the Middle Eastern country are vital for Britain.

Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said British weapons sold to the Saudis were contributing to a "humanitarian catastrophe".

Mike wanted to make the case for continuing to sell weapons to the Saudis and interestingly, he was doing it from a humanitarian point-of-view. "We are world leaders in the design of these weapons.

"If they advocate getting [rockets] from somewhere else, what they're actually doing is they're actually asking them to create more death and destruction because their weapons are not as accurate, they're not as precise.

"If they were to be unleashed on people they would cause more death and destruction than the ones that we have."

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