'We've Got Our Country Back...Except We Haven't Even Got Our Country Any More'

14 March 2017, 11:59

'We Got Our Country Back? We Haven't Even Got Our Country Any More'

James nails the depressing future for the UK as the SNP push for a second independence referendum.


James O'Brien wonders if Brexiteers are as happy as before to "get their country back" - now that the UK as we know it is in serious danger.

With Nicola Sturgeon announcing her intention to hold a second independence referendum, James took dozens of calls from Scottish people on both sides of the debate.

A few made the point that in 2014, Scotland was only voting on whether to leave the United Kingdom. Now that we're leaving the EU, they say it changes everything.

James started by analysing the Catch 22 situation that Theresa May finds herself in: "Theresa May can't agree to this, because if she does, we negotiate our withdrawal from the European Union without knowing whether the United Kingdom is going to be the United Kingdom.

"She can't say yes, can she?

"What happens when she says no? Nicola Sturgeon grows three feet overnight because she completely, completely gets rubber-stamping she could only have dreamed of on the narrative that Westminster doesn't care about Holyrood."

"If you do at some point subsequently get another referendum and independence is achieved, we've got our country back. Except we haven't even got our country any more."

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