The One Part To Corbyn’s Surging Popularity That’s Blown James Away

7 July 2017, 12:22

James O’Brien: The Surprising Part To Corbyn’s Surging Popularity

James O’Brien: The Surprising Part To Corbyn’s Surging Popularity


Labour has taken an eight-point lead over the Tories in the first poll since the election - but there’s one part to Jeremy Corbyn’s surging popularity that’s fascinating James O’Brien.

The incredible turnaround in Labour’s fortune sees the party on 46 per cent while the Tories have dropped to 38 per cent, according to YouGov.

There’s one hugely surprising element to this, according to James, and that’s how traditional Tory voters appear to be switching their support to Labour.

“There’s an attempt to portray Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters as a bunch of feckless hippies - Glastonbury attendees and dreadlocked university lecturers” James said.

Jeremy Corbyn James O'Brien

As he began to dissect the data of this latest poll the LBC presenter was fascinated by the majority preference of middle-class, more highly educated and more highly paid workers.

He continued: “These are the people paying more tax than anybody else. Check out these percentages… 28 per cent would vote Conservative, 39 per cent would vote Labour.

“I’m almost having to recalibrate my political radar at the moment because it just isn’t beeping when it should - this has really taken me by surprise.”

Watch his reaction in full in the video at the top of this page.

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