The Crucial Point On Immigration Brexit Voters Are Starting To Realise

23 June 2017, 12:46

On the first anniversary of Brexit James O’Brien has nailed the crucial point on immigration Leave voters are starting to realise.

James Highlights The Key Point On Immigration Brexit Voters Missed

James Highlights The Key Point On Immigration Brexit Voters Missed


After hearing call after call from EU citizens considering moving back to their home country since the referendum the LBC presenter hit the nail on the head.

Leave voters based their view on immigration by what they read in the papers - rather than looking out their own windows and forming an opinion based on their own experiences.

James O'Brien

Imitating a Brexiteer, James quipped: “I wasn’t talking about my French psychiatrist, or my Polish milkman, I didn’t mean my Danish doctor, or my Spanish vet - I didn’t mean any of them when I voted.

“I meant all those people I’ve never met, that are hordes and swarms and fifth columnists!”

Watch James' epic analysis at the top of this page.

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