Watch James Enlighten A Ken Livingstone Defender

5 April 2017, 11:24

James O'Brien Has To Enlighten Ken Livingstone Defender

The caller who defends Ken Livingstone and really gets on the wrong side of James O'Brien.


Richard says he's no fan of Ken Livingstone but claims the scandal surrounding the former London Mayor is "political correctness gone mad". It sparks a fiery row with James O'Brien.

"The press likes to villify people," claimed Richard, who was the last caller in a compelling hour of debate about Ken Livingstone, who has been suspended for another year by the Labour Party over comments he made about Hitler and Zionism.

The ruling has been described as "failing the Jewish community".

Richard couldn't disagree more: "I dislike Ken Livingstone...I have sympathy for the Jews and their struggle against the Palestines [sic]. But I think that this is all nonsense.

"The press likes to villify people like Ken Livingstone, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage. People that just speak in a direct manner.

"Ken Livingstone has not been proved wrong."

As Richard continued to speak over James as the LBC presenter challenged him, the debate became more pointed.

"Look at the definition of Zionism," said Richard.

"I have," responded James. "It doesn't involve publicly hanging Jews, which is what Hitler wanted to do in 1922. Ken Livingstone's contention is that he didn't go mad until some point subsequent to 1932. Can you count?"

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