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Katie Hopkins In Tears

Katie Gets Tearful While Delivering Message To The 'Rape Squads Of Britain'

8 months ago

Muhammad from Birmingham spoke to Katie Hopkins

Caller In Tears Over Child Abuse Which Puts His Pakistani Community 'To Shame'

8 months ago

Katie Hopkins spoke to Jayne Senior MBE

'Rotherham Is Not Unique' Says Original Whistleblower

8 months ago

Katie Hopkins shocked

Rotherham Sex Survivor: I Told Authorities And They Did Nothing

8 months ago

Hopkins Singh

"Political Correctness Let Grooming Gangs Prosper"

8 months ago

Katie Hopkins Spoke To A Mother Of A Trans Boy

Hopkins Makes Unlikely U-Turn After Speaking To Mother Of Trans Boy

8 months ago

Katie Hopkins Slams Lazy Parents

Katie Slams The Lazy Parents Of Today

8 months ago