This 82-Year-Old Caller Has The Message We All Need For 2017

1 January 2017, 11:27

Katie Hopkins grey top

Joan was a child, hiding in air-raid shelters during World War 2. But her message to Katie Hopkins about not passing on hate is the perfect inspiration to start 2017.

Joan Delivers The Message We All Need For 2017

Joan was a child during World War 2 and her message to Katie Hopkins about not passing on hate is the message we all need for 2017.


As Katie Hopkins was discussing whether we should increase immigration or bolt the door, Joan called to say that she took a decision not to hate Germans and pass that hatred to her children.

And the 82-year-old urged listeners not to use incidents like the Istanbul night club attacks to hate all Muslims.

Listeners on social media loved Joan.

Meanwhile, Katie Hopkins suggested that perhaps we should stand up for our own culture, rather than tip-toe around the cultures of other people who choose to live here.

Katie Hopkins: Let's Stand Up For Our Culture

We spend too much time tip-toeing around other cultures, rather than standing up for our own, says Katie Hopkins.


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