Katie Fumes At Remain Camp's 'Use' Of The Death Of Jo Cox

19 June 2016, 12:55

Katie Hopkins is furious at the campaign to remain in the EU, which she says is trying to making political mileage out of the death of Jo Cox.

Talking on her LBC show she expressed sadness at the death of the MP, but said she is sickened by the lectures she has received from Remain campaigners.

"What that has really sickened me this weekend is the amount of lectures I've had from people on the liberal left."

"About why the Leave campaign is hateful, why the Leave campaign is divisive, why anti-immigration rhetoric is wrong, why Jo Cox wouldn't have wanted that, what Jo Cox would have wanted was remain."

"Do not lecture me on what Jo Cox would have wanted. 

"You were supposed to have pressed pause...and all I've seen is people carrying on campaigning, rather more subtly, but rather more horrifically, teetering on the edge of peoples' emotions when they are at their most vulnerable."


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